Why We Work Where We Work: Baja California Sur, Mexico

Why We Work Where We Work: Baja California Sur, Mexico

We’ve had a number of parents, teachers, and students express concern this year about traveling to Mexico for our field ecology programs. It’s time to update what we wrote last year, though, and say that Baja California Sur remains safe, unspoiled, and completely unique.

While it’s true that there are serious problems in Mexico, the state of Baja California Sur is statistically safer than most US states.

It remains true, too, that the waters separating the peninsula from mainland Mexico are safe and burgeoning with life. The incredible diversity fostered by the Sea of Cortez is why we’ve been bringing students here since 2005, to study whale ecology and marine ecosystems.

Some recent articles and websites with information about traveling to Baja California Sur:
In the Seattle Times
On a blog dedicated to Mexico travel

EPI runs an educational campus in La Paz, the city featured in the above Seattle Times article. It’s the home of the only full fin whale skeleton in Mexico, proudly displayed in the courtyard.

As always, we’re committed to student safety – if you’d like to talk with us directly about your concerns with travel to Mexico, contact us .

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