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EPI is now roughly 20 times larger of an organization than we were when that policy was drafted. We’re 100+ staff strong with offices throughout the western hemisphere and educating thousands of students every year. Leaning in to technology and finding efficiencies has not only helped the organization manage this growth but has also helped us accomplish it.

Below are 4 strategies that EPI has successfully employed – and that your nonprofit can too – to become smarter, more efficient, and to make sure that every dollar possible is spent fulfilling your mission and vision.

How To, Nonprofit

It's always fun to learn how others celebrate life, holidays, and special occasions. At EPI, we have the opportunity to learn of them first hand, and you do, too! We asked someone at every EPI program site - Belize, Costa Rica, Galapagos & mainland Ecuador, Mexico, and Yellowstone - to tell us about their favorite holiday traditions in their country. We hope you learn something and share your holiday traditions in the comments below. Happy holidays!


In 2000, Charles Darwin Foundation initiated a study about bird mortality rates on Santa Cruz Island’s main roads (Puerto Ayora – Canal Itabaca and Puerto Ayora – Garrapatero) and shared their findings with local authorities. Their hope was to inform the public and jumpstart a speed reduction plan that would reduce the amount of roadkill on the island. Unfortunately, mortality rates continued to increase.

Last year a member of EPI’s Mola Mola Eco-club in Galapagos wanted to renew the effort with his own survey project and community awareness campaign. 

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