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ED Updates | May

Dear Friends of EPI,

EPI was honored to present James Foley with the 2017 John Denham Award for Community Engagement in Conservation. James is a community-based fisheries scientist at the Toledo Institute for Development and Environment (TIDE) in Belize. James empowers coastal communities in Belize to manage marine resources by training local youth as Community Researchers. These youth collect high quality data, bridge knowledge gaps between fishermen/women and scientists, and create new employment opportunities in the region....

News from EPI

At EPI, we're amazed at all the incredible things our students, teachers, donors, staff, and partners accomplish in a year. To tell that story, we've turned our boring, number-filled short reports into super awesome infographics! This is YOUR impact. This is what you've been a part of by supporting and participating with EPI. Take a look and share. 

News from EPI, Nonprofit

Did you know that the sunscreen you wear while snorkeling could be harming the beautiful coral reef around you? According to the U.S. National Park Service, as well as numerous scientific studies, coral reefs are under siege from a variety of sources, including marine pollutants, over fishing, warming water, and disease. Sunscreens also are a factor in coral reef die off. Learn how to protect yourself and your world.

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