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ED Updates | February

Get monthly (or…semi-monthly) updates and news straight from EPI's Executive Director and Co-founder.

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Imagine this: You can’t wait to graduate high school and start learning about something that truly intrigues you and makes the world a better place, something like conservation biology. You jump right into classes, and they aren't as inspiring as you expected them to be – they’re simplistic and tedious. The semester drags on, and you feel like you are not any closer to saving the environment. I have seen this scenario played out numerous times in different forms, so I've put together some suggestions on how to find your passion and help it grow through your college years.

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Friday, January 27, President Trump signed an executive order temporarily banning entry to refugees and immigrants from seven predominantly Muslim countries for the next three months. With EPI’s program season gaining steam, we want our travelers to be in the know about how the travel ban might impact them and provide our tried and true travel tips to help you negotiate international travel.

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