Ghost Mountains and Geography Lessons

It’s International Education Week; as if that weren’t enough, it’s also Geography Awareness Week! Fitting, then, to learn this week about an undiscovered mountain range, buried under 13,000 feet of ice. Thanks to a team of researchers, we now know a little more about the planet we share.

On this fine Friday afternoon (fine being a relative term, as the wind is driving fresh snow past the windows of EPI headquarters here in Missoula), what better subject than the vast, icy expanses of Antarctica?

The BBC published a story on Thursday about the Gamburtsev Mountains. Locked under the Antarctic Ice Shelf for millions of years, these mountains may be able to tell us an important story about the formation of Antarctica.

In honor of Geography Awareness week, see how much you know about the world’s more accessible mountains – can you tell your Urals from your Bugaboos?

After you pin down the Hindu Kush, check out the Department of State’s Global IQ quiz. Do you know which countries border Paraguay?

While EPI won’t be sending students to explore the depths of the ice sheet – check out PolarTrec’s work if you’d like to learn more about conducting research in Antarctica – we think our work helps tell another part of the same story. The scientists we work with are engaged in the same search for answers; when students gather data on leatherback sea turtles in Costa Rica, they’re helping us make sense out of invisible mountains.

Two questions for you: Where do you think the next ghost mountains will show up? And, what is your most impressive geography fact?


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