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For the next few months, we're celebrating great women in science, so let's start by highlighting famous and not-so-famous (yet!) women doing impressive work in conservation science.

Why? To show all aspiring young girls that you, too, can do great good in the world through science. That without these women, the world would be a poorer place. And that with more women in science, there is more opportunity for creativity, invention, and progress. 

It's part of our larger #STEM4Good campaign. We hope you'll share our campaign and help us engage more girls in science this year.

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From the central highlands of Quito, across the Andes Mountains, down into Ecuador's Amazon basin, a group of teen volunteers from Oakland, California, ventured into the heart of South America. They traveled with a purpose: to experience the fascinating reality of being a field scientist and see if they have what it takes to be one.

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ED Update | March

The steady beat of Blackfeet hand drummers synched with the heartbeats of thousands at the second Women’s March last month. 

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