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Blog Category: Alumni

EPI Galapagos held its annual festival in celebration of International Sea Turtle Day on Isabela Island. This year's fair had the usual celebratory music, games, and presentations on sea turtle ecology and conservation. But what made it particularly special were Mola Mola Eco-club members Ibrahi Rodriguez and Erick Ojeda.  For the last year, Ibrahi and Erick have taken their conservation leadership to the next level. Wanting to engage the Isabela community in green sea turtle conservation, Ibrahi and Erick developed and fundraised for their own local initiative, including winning one of EPI's Leadership Awards. To begin their initiative, they surveyed the community to get a sense of the locals' depth of sea turtle conservation knowledge. Then, they planned and held EPI-like sea turtle ecology courses for young community members. Their goal was to inspire youth to take action and protect this... Read More

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Each year EPI holds a photo contest to highlight how conservation photography emotionally engages people all over the world in environmental issues. Past and present EPI participants, including teachers, chaperones, and students, are encouraged to submit their best EPI course photos. This year teachers and students brought their best eye to conservation, and we’re excited to share the winners with you. Grand Prize Winner Irving Alexis Medina “Long Road Ahead” This photograph was taken on the beach San Cristobal in the Tortuguero camp "Asupmatoma" and was my first photo taken with the camera that my dad gave me. When I released the small Olive ridley sea turtles, I began to think how difficult it is for them to reach the sea, and that is how to photo got its title. Un largo camino por delante Esta fotografía la tome en la playa san cristobal... Read More

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As part of its citizen science program for the protection of green sea turtles, our Galapagos Eco-club, Mola Mola, recently installed an informational sign about the turtles at the main entrance of Tortuga Bay beach. It’s estimated that 96,000 people visit this beach on Santa Cruz Island in the Galapagos every year, so the sign has the potential to make a major impact on locals’ and visitors’ knowledge of sea turtles and the conservation of their ecosystems. Why This Beach? Tortuga Bay is an important nesting area for green sea turtles, an endangered species with continued population decline.  Green turtles, like other sea turtle species, are particularly vulnerability to anthropogenic impacts during all life-stages: from eggs to adults. Egg and turtle harvesting and habitat degradation – both of the beach and ocean – play a large role in the turtle’s population decline.   Why... Read More

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