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Blog Category: Encyclopedia

Leatherback Sea Turtle Dermochelys coriacea Jump to: Description Breeding Conservation How You Can Help At a Glance Kingdom: Animalia Class: Reptilia IUCN Status: Vulnerable Length: 4-6 feet Weight: 2,000 pounds Lifespan: 40-50 years Global Population: 60-70,000 Habitat: Wide range globally but requires specific nesting sites on tropical beaches Diet: Soft-bodied invertebrates such as jellyfish and squid. Threats: Habitat loss, climate change, marine pollution Description The leatherback sea turtle is the largest of seven living species of sea turtle and is the only living member of an ancient taxonomic family of large marine turtles called Dermochelyidae. Reaching lengths of up to six feet and weighing up to 2,000 pounds, it’s the fourth largest reptile on the planet, with only a few species of crocodile growing larger. They can live between 30-45 years. Leatherbacks are listed as an endangered species, and the current global population is roughly 25% of what it was... Read More