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Hi friends!  Shoutout to those of you I worked with in Yellowstone this winter, since I personally know how awesome you are. And to everyone else who made it to Yellowstone this year, I’ve heard great things!  Finally, to those of you who were scheduled to attend a Yellowstone course, I wish we could have met you, but under the circumstances, I just hope everyone is safe and well.   I’m missing Yellowstone landscapes like this one but grateful to be in a safe spot where I can access other beautiful, if less obviously spectacular, outdoor areas. Since I’m lucky enough to be in rural Vermont and outdoors just about every day, I am going to loosely model this blog post after an EPI course.  Following the winter EPI Yellowstone structure, here’s a photographic overview of the... Read More

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This year, the first baula—Costa Rican for leatherback sea turtle—emerged on the night of February 2nd from the dark Caribbean waves, and onto the shores of Ecology Project International’s Pacuare Reserve. EPI Costa Rica Research Coordinator Claudio Quesada and volunteers welcomed her quietly, and under soft, red light did their best to unobtrusively collect her measurements as she entered her natural nesting “trance.” The 2,000-acre Pacuare Reserve safeguards one of the most important nesting beaches in the world for the endangered leatherback sea turtle. The Reserve’s beach is the only one on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast reporting a stable trend in nests from year to year. Worldwide, illegal harvest, entanglement in fishing gear, climate change, beachfront development, and industrial lighting near beaches that disorient hatchlings have all contributed to this ancient reptile’s steep decline. (Read... Read More

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Ecology Project International (EPI) is one of 25 organizations worldwide that will be sharing funding of more than $367,500 of funding from Project for Awesome. Project for Awesome, or P4A, was launched by the Foundation to Decrease World Suck, a Montana-based philanthropic organization. Both were created by authors & brothers Hank and John Green, perhaps best known for their YouTube channel, “Vlogbrothers,” where the two have communicated through video blogs for more than a decade. Project for Awesome was launched in 2007 as a way for online creators and influencers to use their powers for good. Each December, the Green brothers and other online creators rally their community, known as Nerdfighters, to discuss, chat up, and donate to the fundraiser in order to “increase awesome,” and “decrease world suck.” Creators offer perks for donations from their followers—everything from a lifetime pass to Vidcon (now... Read More

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