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Blog Category: Nonprofit

Guest Blog by Emily Adams Emily Adams, a teacher from Colorado, lost her beloved friend Laura McDermott in a tragic accident several years ago. Because Laura was a lover of adventure, Emily organized an annual fundraiser in her memory with proceeds to be donated to EPI. Specifically, funds from a live event and an online campaign provide young people the opportunity to have an unforgettable educational experience with EPI in Yellowstone National Park.   Memorial Cornhole Tournament Saturday, October 13 in Denver, Colorado According to Denver police, in 2012 there were 6,678 hit and run accidents. Of those, 12 people were killed. And of those 12, one was our dear friend Laura McDermott. On September 23, 2012 the world lost a beautiful and inspiring woman. Laura’s zest for life inspired us to turn our loss into a celebration of her life. In 2013, we hosted our first annual Memorial Corn-hole Tournament. Laura’s fun... Read More

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Dear Friends of EPI, Greetings from the coastal rainforest of Pacuare Reserve. We arrived with EPI supporters Sharon and Dick Barrett, who delivered turtle tags for the coming months. And we had the chance to use them! Our first night on patrol we witnessed a nesting leatherback female hauling herself to shore. These tags go into the back flippers of the nesting female so we can track an individual’s movement and nesting patterns. It’s an important part of the work of our students and visitors to Pacuare Reserve. Dick and Sharon have traveled with us to Mexico and Galapagos; they’ve made friends with our staff, helped us preserve species, and been financial supporters as well. Thanks Dick and Sharon! As we wrap up the STEM4Good campaign, I reflect on the good fortune to be here with many aspiring female scientists. Rocio our lead... Read More

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The steady beat of Blackfeet hand drummers synched with the heartbeats of thousands at the second Women’s March last month. I found myself thinking, “Why are we here? How can we, in the 21st century, possibly be in a situation where we actually have a need for this march?” I was angry. The first speaker, Lauren Small Rodriguez (Northern Cheyenne), provided a profound answer that tapped into my discomfort and unease:    “We’re asking you to dismantle the system of oppression that this country was built upon–that you maintain and benefit from.” #MeToo, Women’s March, indigenous rights, environmental protection – these are not disparate issues. They are symptoms that share root causes. I don’t pretend to know how to solve them, but I know that the emotions I felt that day—from anger to... Read More

News from EPI, Nonprofit