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Blog Category: Professional Development

Costa Rica is breathtaking in its biodiversity. Rainforests drip with clicking invertebrates, and seas teem with swirling fish. Costa Rica has shores on both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, and with the rainforest in between, it's no wonder the country vibrates with such incredible flora and fauna. Here, you'll find six species of felines, four species of primates, and five of the remaining seven species of sea turtles, including the distinguished baulas. Baula is the term Central Americans use to describe leatherback sea turtles (Dermochelys coriacea). Between the months of March and July, female baulas can be found struggling up the beaches on the Caribbean shores of Costa Rica. Agile in the water, they labor in the sand to follow an ancient path out of the ocean. Under the cover of night, they ... Read More

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At EPI, we love science teachers, and we think you don’t get nearly enough credit for the amazing work you do. Think about it. You’re responsible for teaching students how to think critically through science education. You connect them to an entire field of knowledge, to new studies, and emerging research. And you inspire them to become doctors, engineers, conservation and marine biologists, or maybe even, you guessed it, science teachers! It’s like the circle of life… So for you, science teachers, EPI has put together a list of the most incredible professional development opportunities with nonprofit organizations around the country, and beyond – summer institutes, trainings, workshops, conferences, and more. Want to build your Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) curriculum? Work directly with scientists on the cutting edge of their field? Collaborate with other amazing science... Read More

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Guest post by 2017 EPI Magdalena Bay Teacher Fellow Fiona Hall Ecology Project International (EPI) takes great pride in its ability to involve many stakeholders in conservation issues and in doing so, collaborates with other like-minded organizations to further the development of education and conservation. Through my interactions with EPI, RED Travel Mexico and Grupo Tortuguero, one thing became glaringly evident: conservation (in any capacity) has many more layers to it than meets the eye. As both a geography and science teacher, EPI and its partners have shown me that successful conservation must take the time to consider each issue that factors into the ecosystem it’s trying to protect. As ecosystems are extremely complex, so must be the solutions to their protection. To have a lasting impact, successful conservationists must be systems thinkers. They must look at gaps or weaknesses in the ecosystem, examine the causes of... Read More

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