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Blog Category: Professional Development

Guest post by 2017 EPI Magdalena Bay Teacher Fellow Fiona Hall Ecology Project International (EPI) takes great pride in its ability to involve many stakeholders in conservation issues and in doing so, collaborates with other like-minded organizations to further the development of education and conservation. Through my interactions with EPI, RED Travel Mexico and Grupo Tortuguero, one thing became glaringly evident: conservation (in any capacity) has many more layers to it than meets the eye. As both a geography and science teacher, EPI and its partners have shown me that successful conservation must take the time to consider each issue that factors into the ecosystem it’s trying to protect. As ecosystems are extremely complex, so must be the solutions to their protection. To have a lasting impact, successful conservationists must be systems thinkers. They must look at gaps or weaknesses in the ecosystem, examine the causes of... Read More

Conservation, Professional Development, Science

A single week of travel can transform your teaching and help you see environmental issues through a different perspective. It's amazing what happened when I moved out of my comfort zone, stepped into the shoes of a student, and immersed myself in research in a secluded environment.  Ecology Project International's Teacher Fellowship has been one of the most transformative weeks that I have ever spent, and has reminded me of five important ideas about science education. 1. Exploration Science should be fun. Humans are naturally curious about the world, and we naturally love to explore, interact, categorize, and share about what we find. We were given ample time to experience the ecosystems as we searched the bay, beaches, dunes, and mangroves. We didn’t have to worry about having the “right” answers; we all celebrated every treasure that was found in... Read More

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Guest Post by Jill McNabnay, EPI Teacher Fellow Over the past few weeks, as I’ve thought back on my experience with EPI, the one word I keep coming back to is story. The scenery was amazing. The wildlife was majestic. The research was inspiring. But more than anything, I was struck by the small snippets of different people’s stories we experienced in our limited time with them. And although I only know small pieces of each person’s story, I continue to be inspired by the little bit of themselves that they shared with us. Thinking back on our time in Magdalena Bay, I’m reminded that everyone has a story, and everyone’s story is worth sharing. Don Jose’s Story We met Don Jose on our first full day in Magdalena Bay. ... Read More

Education, Professional Development, Science