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Blog Category: Travel

From the central highlands of Quito, across the Andes Mountains, down into Ecuador's Amazon basin, a group of teen volunteers from Oakland, California, ventured into the heart of South America. They traveled with a purpose: to experience the fascinating reality of being a field scientist and see if they have what it takes to be one. These young leaders make up a group at the Oakland Zoo called Teen Wild Guides that dedicates its time to teaching the public about animals and conservation. Each summer, the group chooses a program to get involved in, looking to have fun but also to advance their educational and career pursuits.  While educating the public and shadowing keepers at the zoo can be educational, the teens needed to take a bigger leap into conservation and wanted to experience the process of doing research in the field on wild animals -... Read More

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Wondering what in the world you’ll need for your adventure travel and field science trip? While our program-specific packing lists name the must-have items you’ll need for travel and field science, our staff of seasoned travel experts and outdoor enthusiasts give you their insights into the most important things to bring on any adventure. CARLA As a Costa Rican, Carla is all-knowing when it comes to humidity. She's also an experienced backpacker, taking on trails in the rainforest, southern Appalachia, and the northern Rockies. Definitely follow her tips to stay dry and comfortable.   Baby powder is a great way to feel dry, especially in places you wouldn’t think of, such as around your neck. It also works to get rid of that sticky beach sand on your feet. Humidity can cause extra friction between your legs when walking, creating a... Read More


So, you dream of learning about tropical ecology in South America or taking design classes in the heart of Europe? There is only one problem: you don’t quite know how to make that dream a reality because of the cost. You want to expand your horizons and learn about the world, but you’ve always heard about how expensive it is to study abroad. So, this starry-eyed dream just remains that – a dream. Well, let me tell you about how I am making that dream my reality, and hopefully, I will inspire you to re-evaluate and create achievable goals by following a few easy steps! The first step to being able to study abroad on a budget is to find an affordable program. Through programs like ISEP, you have the option to looks for schools that have low expenses. This step requires you to be open... Read More

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