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Blog Category: Travel

It's always fun to learn how others celebrate life, holidays, and special occasions. At EPI, we have the opportunity to learn of them first hand, and you do, too! We asked someone at every EPI program site - Belize, Costa Rica, Galapagos & Ecuador, Mexico, and Yellowstone - to tell us about their favorite holiday traditions in their country. We hope you learn something and share your holiday traditions in the comments below. Happy holidays! Belize If an American were to visit Belize over Christmas, they might feel right at home. Many of Belize’s Christmas traditions were inherited from the British during colonization, including Christmas trees, reindeer, gifts, Santa, carols, and even model snowmen. Over a month before December 25th, Belizeans begin their holiday planning and shopping. They string lights on their houses, set up elaborate manger scenes, and attend the annual Christmas parade. There are few... Read More


People like ask us at EPI, "When is the best time to apply for my passport?" The answer is…now! There are so many factors that can affect passport processing times that your #1 offensive move is to collect the right documents and apply as soon as you know you’re leaving the country. Not only will you feel less stressed, but you’ll save money, too, by avoiding expensive expedite fees. Typically passport applications and renewals take about six weeks to process. Due to some upcoming changes, however, the processing of passports is likely to experience some longer delays than usual. Expected Upcoming Changes & Delays Home & Abroad for the Holidays: Holidays are peak travel times. A higher demand for passports means that processing centers can become overwhelmed. Also, keep in mind that processing centers close for government holidays. Ready, Set, Renew: In 2007,... Read More


By Juan Sebastian Torres EPI Galapagos Program Coordinator Coming to the Galápagos Islands is a once in a life experience. People from all over the world come to see iconic animals like giant tortoises, Darwin´s finches, and blue footed boobies. But what many people forget is that Galápagos is home to the second largest marine reserve in the world. This reserve harbors exquisite biodiversity, inviting you to don your snorkeling mask and flippers and explore a variety of volcanic underwater landscapes decorated with the turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean. The best 5 snorkeling spots in the enchanted archipelago:  1. The Devil's Crown This ancient volcano crater near Floreana Island creates an underwater paradise. Its peaks remain above water giving the area a crowned shape. A great variety of tropical fish including moorish idols, puffer fish, and large schools of surgeonfish can be found... Read More

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