EPI Announces New Leadership

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EPI Announces New Leadership

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It is with a profound sense of gratitude that the Board of Directors and staff at Ecology Project International (EPI) announce the upcoming departure of Executive Director and EPI Co-founder, Scott Pankratz.

Scott and his wife, Julie Osborn, co-founded EPI in 2001. Their initial work connected local Costa Rican teens with the biodiversity and ecological importance of their homeland through hands-on research with leatherback sea turtles. Empowered to make a difference, these conservation-minded teens began to protect their own communities and wildlife resources, and the tide began to turn. In the 19 years that have followed, EPI has transformed the lives of nearly 40,000 students and teachers, and more than 60,000 additional community members in five countries.

Pankratz leaves EPI with a solid foundation: an experienced board of directors, dedicated and skilled department managers, a talented staff, and financial stability. On departing the organization he helped create, Pankratz said, 

“A successful founder and executive leaves an organization with the capacity to thrive beyond their tenure. EPI will flourish under the leadership of current staff, and this transition marks a healthy organizational milestone ensuring longevity beyond its founders.”

Beginning on November 16th, the executive leadership role will be filled from within the organization by EPI’s Operations Director, Brant Warren. Warren will lead EPI in fundraising goal-setting and finance strategy, as well as oversight of staff and operations in his new role as Interim Executive Director.

EPI’s Systems Director, John Kamman, will provide additional support as Interim Managing Director. Since 2009, Kamman has shepherded tremendous growth within the Admissions Department, EPI’s most robust revenue-generating arm, making him uniquely suited to propel and diversify EPI’s future business development.

Both Warren and Kamman have been pivotal in many of EPI’s milestones and successes, including the acquisition of Pacuare Reserve in Costa Rica, the EPI Mexico Campus in La Paz, Mexico, and forging a unique relationship with the Yellowstone National Park science teams.

Please join us in thanking Scott for his vision and dedication to conservation education and in wishing him continued success in his new career as the Executive Director of Missoula-based nonprofit, Adventure Cycling.

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