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Laura Iza

Laura Iza

Legal Counselor and CEO, Ecomarshé

Legal Counselor Laura Iza first became aware of EPI as a high-school student. During a program in La Paz, Mexico, she discovered the advantages of being part of a community, and saw the hidden treasures in her own backyard. She later participated in the Yellowstone Wildlife Ecology program, and interned at EPI's Montana-based office in the summer of 2012. The science she learned through EPI led her to a deeper understanding of the importance of conservation. She was so empowered by her experiences that she felt compelled to become a Board member to inspire the next generation of change-makers.

In addition to her expertise in marketing and international and Mexican law, Laura also brings her perspective as a Latinx former local participant to the EPI Board. She chose to study law as a direct result of her exposure to EPI and the realization that she could create change using her own talents and skills. She was the founding director of Legal Atlas Mexico Chapter, dedicated to legal research on environmental issues and human rights. As the CEO of Ecomarshé, a platform committed to carrying only eco-friendly products that offer a sustainable way of life, she puts the knowledge she has gained through EPI into practice on a daily basis, inspiring others to do the same.

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