Lynn Price,  Vice Chair

Lynn Price, Vice Chair

Senior Scientist (retired), Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Retired senior scientist Lynn Price first experienced the profoundly transformative effects of EPI’s projects when she travelled to Costa Rica as a chaperone for her son’s high school class in the 1990s. Motivated by a presentation delivered by co-founder Julie Osborn, Lynn’s son helped organize several trips for his high school; Lynn’s daughter also participated in a trip to the Galapagos. Seeing first-hand the positive changes these experiences brought about in her own children, their friends, and the local students they worked with, inspired her to become an early Board member.

EPI’s way of creating positive environmental and community change through experiential learning inspires Lynn to volunteer her time, and she relishes seeing how the magic of the locations where EPI has programs impacts the students and local community in such a positive, powerful way. She brings both her background in environmental/policy science with a focus on climate change and her lived experience of seeing her children participate in EPI’s programs to the Board. She continues to participate in science-based activities, including citizen science programs at the California Academy of Science and a local community college where students learn about their natural environment in similar ways to local students at the EPI sites.