Maureen Eldredge

Partner, Hutchinson, Black and Cook, LLC

While working in fisheries, Maureen Eldredge met current Board Chair Aaron Hirsh whose enthusiasm for EPI inspired her to become a Board member herself. It became a way for Maureen to connect her marine biology past with conservation issues, while contributing to a valuable cause. Having worked to protect reef fish and encountering resistance from local fishermen, she experienced first-hand that nothing can be accomplished on the ground if the people most impacted by the efforts are not engaged and on board. EPI offers a model to ensure truly lasting conservation by involvement and teaching of the people who live where the conservation happens.

Now a lawyer, and drawing on her expertise as a former lobbyist in Washington, DC for a number of non-profit organizations, Maureen helps navigate any choppy waters of the legal aspects of EPI’s work that may arise. Along with her fellow Board members, she has a strong commitment to the future of the planet and is mindful of living some of EPI’s values in her day-to-day life.



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