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Nicole-Anne Boyer, Board Chair

Nicole-Anne Boyer, Board Chair

Partner, NOW Partners

Strategist and systems change specialist Nicole-Anne Boyer was inspired to join the EPI Board by fellow member, Charles Holmes. She shares EPI’s fundamental belief that experiential learning about the natural world is one of the most powerful ways to regenerate the planet. She sees young people who participate in EPI’s programs walking away with a new orientation to the world and a passion for making it better, wherever they go in life afterwards. It builds new capacities in them and around them, and focuses their talent and energy in fields where it is most needed.

With a professional background as a strategist and facilitator of strategic renewal projects across the private, public and social sectors, Nicole-Anne is well placed to bring her expertise in futures thinking and scenario planning to the EPI Board. She grew up in a coastal community just outside of Vancouver, BC, where bears, eagles, starfish, seals, and more were part of her daily tapestry. Living with nature and learning about it through experience has always been and continues to be who she is at a fundamental level. She has witnessed the transformative power of spending time immersed in nature when leading 'learning journeys’ with executives world-wide. She is now excited to see young leaders emerging to create a better future thanks to the work of EPI.

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