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Nicole Demeisi

Nicole Demeisi

Finance Digital Transformation Project Lead

Nature, science, and sustainability are at the core of Nicole Demeisi’s work at Bayer, and these values are what drew her to join EPI’s Board of Directors. She believes that by providing amazing learning opportunities, EPI will empower individuals to lead their own sustainability efforts in new, unique ways. She believes that diversity is critical and supports EPI’s dedication to programs that immerse youth in different cultures– encouraging the exchange of ideas, beliefs, and learning from one another and leading to more enriched, open-minded leaders in the future.

Nicole plans to apply her more than 7 years of experience in corporate finance to help EPI assess data sets and determine the best way to quantify value and drive data-based decisions. She currently manages digital transformation projects and will assist with providing new ideas on how to best navigate the new, virtual world that we live in.

Nicole embraces experiential learning in her everyday life as a digital transformation project lead. She values diversity, inclusion, and lead strategy within the global business resource group at Bayer UNIDOS whose goal is to create a community that celebrates the Latin culture while generating value for Bayer and communities across the world. She believes in giving back to the community and is excited to help develop youth and be a part of the change that EPI is driving.

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