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Explore. Collaborate. Protect.

EPI's Eco Tours offer adults and families access to some of the world's most incredible wildlife and ecosystems, with the rare opportunity to meet researchers and local youth who are creating a positive impact in ecological hotspots. Through collaboration and hands-on action, you'll leave each of these places better than you found them. 

On every adult tour, EPI staff and local youth provide special insights about the unique ecology and culture of our project sites and what they're doing to conserve these wonderful places. Beyond experiencing the trip of a lifetime, you're helping support conservation education for youth local to our programs.

We look forward to sharing these awe-inspiring, limited access parts of the world with you! 

“I felt a noticeable degree of happiness having been touched by the whales. It clarified my direction in raising my children to have these experiences too."

Christy Miele, Mexico Eco-Tour participant
Ecotours Available
Whales in Baja

At San Ignacio Lagoon you’ll see—and even touch!—curious gray whales as they approach your skiff and delight you with their rolling, breaching, diving, and caring for their young. ... Read More

  • Close encounters with whales
  • Phenomenal bird watching
  • Rustic, beachfront cabanas
Sea Turtles in Costa Rica

Visit the birthplace of EPI and many of the world’s magnificent leatherback sea turtles. On this Eco-Tour, you’ll witness the largest sea turtle on Earth as she comes ashore to lay her eggs...... Read More

  • Protect leatherback sea turtles
  • Experience the rich culture of Costa Rica
  • Explore tropical rainforests
Giant Tortoises in Galapagos

On this trip, you get to be the student, learning about the Galapagos and EPI's vision for the future of the islands-- a future that depends on local and international citizens being ecologically savvy leaders and participants in the protection of priceless habitat.... Read More

  • Spend 8 days aboard a comfortable yacht
  • Observe animals found nowhere else on earth
  • Snorkel among sea turtles and marine iguanas

EPI Eco-Tours are a great option for travelers who want to learn, conserve, experience, and make a difference all in one trip.

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