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EPI's Hawaii Island Ecology field-based program immerses participants in the sights, sounds, and conditions of the locations where they're studying. In Maui, groups sleep, eat, and study outdoors, meaning they’re subject to the changing weather of the Hawaiian Islands, and so is the equipment they use.


Your contributions to the Hawai'i program's Fuel the Field wishlist ensures we have the equipment needed to keep students safe and comfortable while they enjoy place-based education and hands-on research. This equipment also allows each and every student to participate and engage in deeper levels of research and exploration in their own unique way.

Check out our wishlist items to see how you can make a meaningful contribution to each participant’s experience.

Outdoor Learning

Working gloves & Write-in-the-Rain books are key to field work in the rainforests of Maui.

Underwater Studies

Snorkel gear is essential for marine exploration & research, but it needs to be replaced often.

Sun Shades & Shelters

In Maui, we camp, learn, & dine outdoors, and shades provide protection from the sun & rain.

Feeding the Field

Participants prepare meals together using cookstoves and camping coolers.

Research on the Ridge

We use GPS to document the removal of invasive species from the Waikamoi Nature Preserve.

Sleeping Outdoors

Tents provide safe and comfortable shelter that keep students unplugged & immersed in Maui.

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"The impact of those 9 days isn't going to ever fade away completely! I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into and I came out with more than I could have even imagined. . . I'm probably most amazed that what I did accomplish was because you made me want to do it." 

- Diane, 2019 Hawaii Island Ecology Participant