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Island Ecology


  • Snorkel the reefs and kelp forests

  • Hike the wild, interior island

  • Study climate change & microplastics

With its wild deer, fox, and rich coral reef it's hard to believe that Catalina is only 22 miles from the coast of California. Explore this Pacific Island ecosystem with EPI. You'll snorkel the green kelp forests, collect data on microplastics, and camp under the stars on the remote undeveloped stretches of the island.


Your Fieldwork

Island Biogeography

Islands make the perfect laboratory for the study of ecological systems. With EPI, you'll examine a wide array of phenomenon. You'll catalog the presence of microplastics on the island's beaches, conduct transects for marine invertebrates, and examine how tourism and sustainable development are key to protecting such a delicate environment.

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Partner Profile

Located on the rugged, western coast of Catalina Island, the Pennington Marine Science Center is a nonprofit organization that promotes the exploration of the marine ecosystems of Catalina. Through its hands-on, marine science activities, the Center fosters a culture of stewardship and conservation, making it an ideal partner for EPI.

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