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EPI and Belize

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Discovering New Worlds

In Belize, culture, land, and sea come together to form both unique opportunities and unique conservation needs.

Discovering New Worlds

In that moment of immersion, knowledge leads to inspiration.

Our program introduces Belizean youth to local ecological hotspots, places just beyond their back doors, yet places they've never before seen or experienced. While in the field, students become scientists, participating in ongoing research with our partners: The Environmental Research Institute of Belize, Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, and Belize Audubon Society. Students collect data, study population control tactics for invasive species along the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, and learn about jaguar population dynamics at the largest jaguar reserve in the world. This work not only increases their knowledge of the singularity and importance of Belize ecosystems but also empowers them to become global citizens, as they learn how their impact can make a difference in the world.



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“EPI helped me see that nature is a part of us and that it can shape our ideas. We can learn from ourselves, about our actions, and build a communal consciousness. As young people, we need to be an example for everybody."

Yolanda, local Belize student

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Impact Stories

Making the Most of Community

Despite living so close to the Caribbean Sea and to the Mesoamerican Reef, many of our local Belizean students have never been out on the water, never seen the reef in person, and some haven’t yet learned to swim! EPI gives these students the chance to see and experience the incredible beauty and biodiversity right in their own backyard.

In May of 2014, EPI Belize partnered with Days of Healing Program, Om Shanti Yoga Center, and Restore Belize to host a course made up of highly disadvantaged, at-risk youth from the most impoverished areas of Belize... Learn More

Connecting Belizean Youth with Nature

A Fresh Educational Approach to Connect Belizean Youth with Nature By Jerry Enriquez The pleasure I had on Blackbird Caye a few months ago to bask for almost a week on sandy shores near turquoise, azure, navy blue waters, and to soak in the feel of nature’s elements as I learned about the island’s ecology was a rare treat. There is a way in which such environments hug with peace and awakens the senses to reconnect with nature and self. Nestled on the southeastern margin of the Turneffe Islands about 30 miles east Belize City, Blackbird... Learn More

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