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Our Impact Stories

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Making a Difference: The People of EPI

Nearly every day, EPI students, partners, supporters, teachers, staff, and alumni make a positive impact in the world. These are their stories.

Local students often find a rekindled love of the place they call home.

"Even though I live here right next to the park, even though I see wolves and coyotes and elk and bison all the time. This gives you a different view of the actual park. You do things that tourists don’t get to, like telemetry and tracking ungulates."  Learn More

Living sustainably in the desert

“I try to support everyone who seeks activities that aim to do good for the community, and although I can’t always, I try to help my family and acquaintances learn how to improve our world."  Learn More

Costa Rican students leave the comforts of home and find meaning under the stars.

“I had already started to change before I came to this course; first I changed in my house, saving compost with my mother and brother. But now, I want to recycle more, too.” Learn More

A shift in perspective

“During my experience with EPI, I realized that I love the history of Galapagos and now I value it much more. I fell in love with its views, its sunsets and its starry nights” Learn More

Meet Hanna - Making a Difference in Maui

"EPI has greatly changed me into a conservationist. My life goals now consist of putting all my effort into keeping our world beautiful." Learn More