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Our Impact Stories

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Making a Difference: The People of EPI

Nearly every day, EPI students, partners, supporters, teachers, staff, and alumni make a positive impact in the world. These are their stories.

Global change starts at home

This generation of young people can change the world with innovative ideas that will lead us toward a more sustainable future. EPI helped me understand how I can share my passion and understanding with La Paz and the world. Learn More

Honing skills through experience

This EPI course was an opportunity for me to learn more about science and nature in a dynamic, "real life" way. I now understand how important it is to keep our own planet heathy for future generations.  Learn More

Smallkel finds mentorship and confidence

I created new connections with teachers and mentors, and I believe there will be a chance in my future to contribute to conservation at Pacuare. I plan to share this great experience and what I learned with all my friends and family. Learn More

Addison's story

"After seeing the beauty of the reef and how garbage affects the marine ecosystem, I have a new respect for the conservation of my country's resources."  Learn More

Student Stories: Meet Shanil

"I know that we have to do everything we can to protect the species and habitat that surround us. There is more I can and will do!"  Learn More