A bookworm discovers a love of turtles

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A bookworm discovers a love of turtles

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A shift in perspective

“During my experience with EPI, I realized that I love the history of Galapagos and now I value it much more. I fell in love with its views, its sunsets and its starry nights”

Connie lived in Quito, Ecuador until the age of 11, when her parents divorced and she went to live with her mother on the Galapagos Islands.  A self-proclaimed bookworm, Connie loves reading and is most interested in history.  When she heard about the EPI course, Connie wanted to sign up so she could learn more about the Galapagos’ ecological history, and to gain a better understanding of the island community she’d only been a part of for three years. 

On her first EPI course, Connie gained a deep appreciation for the natural wonders of her new island home.  She’s excited to continue helping with conservation service, and field research, by collecting data on nesting green sea turtles with the local EPI alumni network, the Mola Mola Eco Club.  Connie feels she’s gained a new conservation ethic for her personal life, and the immersive experience of fieldwork with a new group of friends bolstered Connie’s confidence in speaking up about issues that concerned her.

Connie credits this change to her introverted manner to EPI, saying, 

“My perspective about conservation was changed thanks to the EPI program, and now I value the environment much more. I also met a lot of new people that I will never forget. Sharing my hopes and thoughts with them made me feel comfortable and thanks to that we’ve gotten to know each other better. The EPI program helped me acquire leadership skills among my classmates, and also in this way, to have a better connection with my surroundings.”

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