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Impact Stories: Belize

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Stories from Belize

Addison's story

"After seeing the beauty of the reef and how garbage affects the marine ecosystem, I have a new respect for the conservation of my country's resources."  Learn More

EPI Belize - Making the Most of Community

“Every organism that lives under the sea has a specific role, and if one species dies, it will create a ripple effect. Seeing and learning of all the species first-hand helped me fully grasp what we all need for survival.” Learn More

Traveling with EPI: A Teacher's Perspective

EPI is truly the best organization to plan your next student trip focusing on the environment, scientific research, and conservation. Their trips will truly change the lives of you and your students and I give them my highest recommendation! Learn More

Learn Globally - Act Locally

In 2014, Cody High School traveled to the Caribbean to participate in EPI's Belize Marine Ecology Program, and their persepectives were forever changed. Learn More