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Impact Stories: Mexico

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Stories from Mexico

Living sustainably in the desert

“I try to support everyone who seeks activities that aim to do good for the community, and although I can’t always, I try to help my family and acquaintances learn how to improve our world."  Learn More

Global change starts at home

This generation of young people can change the world with innovative ideas that will lead us toward a more sustainable future. EPI helped me understand how I can share my passion and understanding with La Paz and the world. Learn More

EPI Mexico - Front and Center for Conservation in Baja

Established in 2006, EPI’s Mexico campus serves as a community conservation center. Learn More

The Aquarium of the World

Jacques Cousteau once called the Sea of Cortez “the aquarium of the world.”   Learn More

Cindy Bida: Teaching in the Field

A lot of other trips people do are just tourism, but this was really learning about conservation and ecology. Learn More