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Impact Stories: Yellowstone

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Stories from Yellowstone

Local students often find a rekindled love of the place they call home.

"Even though I live here right next to the park, even though I see wolves and coyotes and elk and bison all the time. This gives you a different view of the actual park. You do things that tourists don’t get to, like telemetry and tracking ungulates."  Learn More

Meet Bailey – Yellowstone Participant Making an Impact

"We need to take advantage of where we live and the resources we have. Not take them for granted." Learn More

From the Tropics to the Rockies

"This experience renewed my passion and appreciation for ecology, wildlife and travel." Learn More

Student Stories: Meet Ingrid

Ingrid's participation in EPI programs gave shape and definition to her dreams, dreams that go beyond personal aspiration and encompass a vision for a more balanced and biodiverse world. Learn More