Yellowstone Winter Ecology Programs for High School Students

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From the Tropics to the Rockies

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From the Tropics to the Rockies

"This experience renewed my passion and appreciation for ecology, wildlife and travel."

In March, Ecology Project International brought a group of students from the warmth of the tropics to the still-frozen reaches of Montana. The Carol Morgan School, from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, sent thirteen students and two chaperones to pilot EPI’s newest program: Yellowstone Winter Ecology. During nine days in the field, the students snowshoed across Yellowstone’s steep terrain, tracking rare carnivors, collecting snow science data, and learning about wolf reintroduction. On an early morning visit with one of the National Park’s leading wolf biologists, they watched as eleven members of Mollie’s pack crossed the stretches of the Lamar Valley. The Yellowstone high country became their home for those nine days, and the students left with a wealth of new experiences.

Witness the incredible beauty of Yellowstone in the quiet of winter. Grab your spot in one of our Yellowstone Winter Ecology courses today!

Study in America's First National Park