ISO Sustainable Living in Baja

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ISO Sustainable Living in Baja

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Living sustainably in the desert

“I try to support everyone who seeks activities that aim to do good for the community, and although I can’t always, I try to help my family and acquaintances learn how to improve our world." 

David is a local La Paz student, who was first introduced to Ecology Project International (EPI) through a local course in 2017 and has now been on five EPI courses. He attributes many of his sustainable living practices to what he’s learned through EPI. He says, “I have changed the way I dispose of garbage—I compost now to keep the organic materials. I also water our plants at night to conserve water, and we use greywater from our washing machine to wash the car and water the yard.”

He finds it important to support others who are trying to live sustainably and protect their environment and does all he can to educate others. “I try to help my family and acquaintances by telling them about topics I know a lot about now, such as why single-use plastic bags are bad. I am constantly conducting unofficial debates with my classmates!”

He is particularly interested in botany and art and pursued his own research on these with books from EPI. David believes in the power of personal action, and hopes that he can, “live in harmony with nature and protect it at the same time.”

Support a local student like David.