Student Stories: Meet A.J.

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Student Stories: Meet A.J.

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Meet A.J. – Yellowstone Participant with a Unique Perspective

“I learned that people have different views and opinions about wildlife and conservation, and you have to be able to talk respectfully if you want to get anything done.”

These words of wisdom take many people a lifetime to learn, but they were spoken by insightful 15-year-old EPI alumnus A.J. from Thompson Falls, Montana. A.J. has dealt with significant challenges in his life, yet his positive attitude was immediately apparent to his instructors. With a keen interest in large animals like wolves and grizzly bears, he came on course with EPI hoping for the opportunity to observe these impressive animals at home in Yellowstone National Park. His wish was granted, and now A.J’s passion for wildlife has been ignited.

More than 70% of our participants are underserved youth who live near our project sites in Belize, Costa Rica, Galapagos, Mexico, and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Supporting a local student helps them establish a lifelong commitment to conservation.

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