Student Stories: Meet Hanna

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Student Stories: Meet Hanna

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Meet Hanna - Making a Difference in Maui

"EPI has greatly changed me into a conservationist. My life goals now consist of putting all my effort into keeping our world beautiful."

In 2017, Hanna joined an EPI pilot program on Maui, traveling from her home in California. Working alongside local conservation advocates on a 9-day program had a profound effect on her:

"Participating in this course allowed me to see parts of Maui I've never seen before. I love animals and wildlife because I understand how loving they are and how important their lives are." 

"EPI has greatly changed me into a conservationist. This course gave me the opportunity to experience environmental issues up close to me in the areas we've visited. I am now excited to put environmental conservation before many other not-so-necessary priorities. My life goals now consist of putting all my effort into keeping our world beautiful. I was able to become really close with people I never knew before this course and for that I am so grateful. I learned how to be more independent with my daily rituals, which came along with some newfound leadership qualities."

Hannah joined EPI in the field in 2017. Follow her into the field in next year!

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