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EPI and Galapagos Islands

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Working Side by Side

Collaborating with the Galapagos National Park Service to empower the next generation of conservation leaders.

Working Side by Side

The Galapagos Islands are a spectacular natural laboratory, renowned for their endemic biodiversity.

Yet many of these unique species are under threat of extinction. EPI is supporting the Galapagos National Park (GNP) to provide a year-long conservation education degree program to all high school juniors. Approved by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Education, this program was institutionalized across the island’s nine high schools and achieved participation by 50% of all Galapagueño students (age 14-15) within the first year. This is the next generation; they hold the key to long-lasting conservation efforts on these incredible islands.

To accomplish the goals of this initiative, EPI and GNP staff are working side by side engaging teens in conservation research focused on giant tortoises led by Dr. Stephen Blake. Both local Galapagueño and visiting U.S. students learn ecology and biology firsthand, collect data on a keystone species, and help restore native habitat to ensure the survival of Galapagos’ wildlife and the protection of its vulnerable ecosystems. Pre-course and post-course programming provide additional leadership skills to local youth that build critical thinking skills, a personal conservation ethic, and an awareness of environmental issues facing the Galapagos.


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"EPI helped me find wonderful animals I didn't know existed, and they encouraged me to discover more about the biodiversity of my home."

Joel, local EPI Galapagos student

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Impact Stories

Galapagos Islands Ecology

Dr. Stephen Blake is a renowned scientist, exceptional teacher, and inspirational mentor for EPI students. He is famous for his extensive work with elephants in Africa and is the top giant tortoise researcher in the Galapagos Islands. Stephen involves EPI students in his work because he hopes to inspire youth to conserve this distinctive species and its habitat, and to share how real scientists work. EPI students participate in his research by counting the different seeds in tortoise dung, to determine giant tortoise migration and seed dispersal of native and invasive plant species. Students also take part in his... Learn More

Monitorean nidos de tortugas gigantes

Desde 2011, la Dirección del Parque Nacional Galápagos (DPNG) y Ecology Project International vincularon a estudiantes de Santa Cruz, Galápagos, en el proyecto de monitoreo de los nidos de tortugas gigantes. Para llegar a las zonas de anidación deben caminar alrededor de tres horas entre la maleza, rodeada por un paisaje único de la zona en la que previamente los guardaparques identificaron los nidos. Los jóvenes revisan si los huevos eclosionaron o no, aprenden a detectar los nidos que corren el riesgo de ser afectados por especies introducidas y ayudan... Learn More

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In 5 years, Galapagos Program students have monitored
683 giant tortoises