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Mapping the Beauty: EPI and Xplorer Maps Continue our Costa Rica Journey

About a year ago, EPI and fellow Missoula-based business Xplorer Maps set out on a partnership that has blended art, education, and a shared commitment to preserving natural wonders. Today, we highlight the culmination of this collaboration—an incredible hand-drawn map of Costa Rica, capturing the essence of the country's beauty and serving as a roadmap for conservation.

How We Got Here:

This venture is not only about this stunning map; it's also a narrative woven together with creativity and commitment. EPI invited Chris Robitaille and his daughter Becca to visit Pacuare Reserve and get a real taste of what makes Costa Rica deeply inspiring. During their time in Pacuare Reserve, Becca took after her father in capturing nature and the people who live respectfully alongside it. She filmed and edited clips and interviews from their visit into a documentary highlighting the conservation efforts in Pacuare Reserve!

The documentary, Xploring Pacuare, which showcases the remarkable conservation efforts for leatherback sea turtles and the elusive agami heron, took center stage at the Roxy Theater in Missoula, Montana—a two-showing sold-out sensation (well, 2 tickets short of sold out)!

Claudio Quesada, Pacuare Reserve's head Research and Conservation Coordinator, captivated the audience in-person for the occasion! Keep an eye out for a virtual screening of Xploring Pacuare coming soon. You can watch the trailer here to get a sneak peak of what's coming.

What's Next?

The success of our documentary premiere and map

unveiling underscores the impact of our collaboration. Anticipate a visual feast in 2024 as we release Costa Rica merchandise, transforming blankets, puzzles, mugs, and more into artful reflections of the Costa Rica map. As we celebrate our collaboration, we invite you to explore our exclusive prints, support our cause, and be part of an evolving narrative—where art and conservation converge.

P.S. When you buy a Limited Edition Costa Rica map, the majority of the proceeds go directly to Pacuare Reserve's conservation efforts! You'll also receive a copy of the Xploring Pacuare documentary with your purchase once the film is released digitally.

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