Canton High students study ecology in Belize

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Canton High students study ecology in Belize

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Science teacher Danielle Ramos of Canton High School organized a group of 16 students to participate in a nine-day Reef Ecology Program in Belize through Ecology Project International. EPI is a field science and conservation organization that partners scientists with local and international students and educators in ecologically critical environments in the Galapagos, Costa Rica, Baja Mexico, and Yellowstone, as well as Belize.

In Canton’s course, students split their time between EPI’s Caribbean research site and a rainforest biological station. At the reserve, students explored Belize’s barrier reef, searched for the invasive lionfish to study and dissect back on land. In the rainforest, students stayed at a jaguar preserve, hiked to waterfalls and learned about the country’s plant and animal life.