Connecting Belizean Youth with Nature

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Connecting Belizean Youth with Nature

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A Fresh Educational Approach to Connect Belizean Youth with Nature

By Jerry Enriquez

The pleasure I had on Blackbird Caye a few months ago to bask for almost a week on sandy shores near turquoise, azure, navy blue waters, and to soak in the feel of nature’s elements as I learned about the island’s ecology was a rare treat. There is a way in which such environments hug with peace and awakens the senses to reconnect with nature and self.

Nestled on the southeastern margin of the Turneffe Islands about 30 miles east Belize City, Blackbird Caye and its surrounding waters is home to an impressive variety of fish and marine mammals including bottle-nosed dolphins, three species of whales and manatees. Various species of birds, crocodile, hawksbill sea turtles and other wildlife make the island a pristine paradise for tourism and marine research. Read More...