Local Galapagos Teens Work on Climate Change

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Local Galapagos Teens Work on Climate Change

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Story by Deepa Fernandes and photos by Matt Rogers/PRI
Original story on PRI's The World news radio and on PRI's website, January 23, 2018 · 10:15 AM EST

These kids are hoping to save Galapagos tortoises — and their own home — from climate change

The teens are huddled, hushed, peering at a motionless giant tortoise that lies at their feet. Is it alive?

The tortoise’s shell glistens, but it doesn’t move. No one dares to talk. And then, ever so slowly, the huge creature begins to lift its scaley, elongated head, and exhales — an incongruously loud gushing sound — and the students squeal with relief and shock. They’ve found their first tortoise, it’s time to get to work....

Read or listen to the full story on PRI: https://www.pri.org/stories/2018-01-23/these-kids-are-hoping-save-galapagos-tortoises-and-their-own-homes-climate-change.