Science students prep for trip to Galapagos Island

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Science students prep for trip to Galapagos Island

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TEMPLE, Texas — Advanced academics students in biology and environmental science are taking part in ecology project and are going to research trip to Galapagos Island on March 4, 2016.

They will be studying environmental science and to get real life experience on what scientist actually do.

Students are going to study and converse land tortoise, working to combat the spread of invasive plants, taking trips to nearby Islands, do research on the wildlife in the island and work together with locals.

“This is unique opportunity for high level biology and environmental science students,” Michael Marek, environment science teacher, said. “We are going to do lot of research and working with locals but there is also time for fun things like snorkeling, biking, kayaking and hiking to the Sierra Negro Volcano crater.”

The group is spending 12 days in the Island looking into what makes Galapagos so different from United States and what makes the environment so perfect for wildlife.

Students will have opportunity to see different species in their natural habitat and to study their behavior.

“The Island is so untouched by human which is interesting,” said Jonathan McCormeck, a student who is taking part of the trip. “We have possibility to study what affect habitat of animals and why Galapagos Island is such a great place for them to live.”

Students are doing lot of research on land tortoises such as tracking techniques and devices to locate and monitor adult tortoises.

Students will also participate on ongoing study to understand how tortoises are affecting plant species on Santa Cruz and visit the breeding center for giant tortoises on Isabela Island.

“We are actually also going to swim with penguins, which is really cool,” McCormeck adds.

Advanced academics who were interested being part of this trip contacted teachers themselves.

The trip will cost $5,795 for students, who did a lot of fundraising for the trip by selling T-shirts, coffee and tea.

“This is great opportunity for students and hopefully we are able to make this happen again in the future,” Marek said. “It would not be annual thing, but maybe every two or three years we would be able to organize trip like this.”