Students enjoy ‘pure life’

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Students enjoy ‘pure life’

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Pura Vida.

This simple Costa Rican phrase translated from Spanish means “Pure Life” and is what 17 former and current Cody High School students and three adults experienced on their trip with the organization Ecology Project International (EPI).

“The moment when it hit me like how important the little things are,” Kevin Page said. “When I first got there I was, like, what are you doing here? It was so rugged and I didn’t have all the luxuries I was used to but then I finally realized you don’t need much to be happy.”

Page, along with the other students, spent eight days in Costa Rica doing research for leatherback sea turtles at Pecuare Nature Reserve and studying rain forest ecology at Tirimbina Nature Reserve. The course is worth a college science lab credit, and students were required to do inquiry-based research projects while there.

“I have worked with leatherbacks before, but to see the students have those interactions was amazing,” said Cody High School science teacher Amy Gerber, who led the trip. “It’s an incredible animal and to watch their ritual of climbing up on a beach, digging a nest and laying their eggs. ... It’s so endangered and I feel like the work being done is so important.”

For Gerber, this is the 18th student trip she has led and the sense of wonderment she sees from her students is the same every year. Read More...