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Welcome to the EPI Alumni Network. We are 30,000 strong - and growing!

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Alumni: Where are They Now?

Check out the map below to see where EPI alumni like you continue their studies. 

Plus, find more information about some of EPI's favorite college programs.






Research Expedition: Take your explorations to the next level



Alumni Leadership Award: Knowledge is power. What will you do with it?



Alumni mentorship program: Live and learn, then share your experiences as a mentor, or seek mentorship from those who have gone before you. Contact us to get involved.

Alumni-tagged blog posts: Blogs written by, for, and about EPI alumni and all they do to make a difference after course.

Linkedin: a closed group where you can stay in-the-know on professional and academic opportunities and stay in touch with EPI alumni throughout their careers.



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Student Stories: Meet Ingrid
Student Stories: Meet Ingrid

Ingrid's participation in EPI programs gave shape and definition to her dreams, dreams that go beyond personal aspiration and encompass a vision for a more balanced and biodiverse world. Learn More

Our Alumni Network is
30,000 strong
and growing