Alumni Leadership Award

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Alumni Leadership Award

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INSPIRED EPI Alumni - ¡EPI estudiantes inspirados!

The 2018 Leadership Award cycle will open on June 1 and close on October 15th. Winners will be announced in November.

El ciclo para el Premio de Liderazgo del 2018 se abrirá el 1ro de Junio y se cerrará el 15 de Octubre. Los ganadores se anunciarán en Noviembre.

Do want to join the ripple effect with eco-action? Share your conservation project ideas with us for a chance to win an EPI Alumni Leadership Award. Each year, we grant awards to EPI alumni to help support their proposed conservation related projects. If your project wins an award, we’ll give you funds to help turn your project into eco-action!

Quieres unirte al llamado de la acción por la conservación? Comparte tus ideas de proyectos con nosotros para una oportunidad de ganar el Premio de Liderazgo en Conservación. Cada año, otorgamos premios a los exalumnos de EPI para apoyar sus proyectos de conservación. Si tu proyecto gana un premio, te daremos fondos para ayudarte a transformarlo en acción. 

Examples of projects we might fund:

  • Organizing and hosting a clean-up day for a local park, beach, or river
  • Creating an education campaign about an important conservation issue
  • Planning and creating a community eco-art project
  • Traveling to a neighboring country to learn about how they are working to solve a particular conservation issue so you can share those methods at home
  • Starting an Eco-Club or recycling program at your school
  • Supporting your undergraduate or graduate research project
  • And so much more!

Ejemplos de proyectos que financiamos:

  • Organizar un día de limpieza en un parque, playa, o río;
  • Crear una campaña educativa sobre un problema importante de conservación;
  • Planear o crear un proyecto comunitario eco-artístico;
  • Viajar a un país vecino para aprender cómo están solucionando algún problema de conservación en particular y poder compartir los métodos en casa;
  • Empezar un Eco-Club o un programa de reciclaje en tu escuela;
  • Apoyar tu proyecto de investigación de bachillerato o licenciatura
  • ¡Y mucho más!

EPI Alumni help recycling efforts

View the Application | Ver la aplicación

Share your passion for eco-action
Comparte tu pasión por la acción por la conservación

Think creatively about how you can contribute to conservation, then share your idea with us through the application process. Create a step-by-step plan to achieve your conservation project and get busy! To apply, you'll need to answer specific questions about your project, like: Why is it needed, who will be involved, how much time will it take, what actions will you take, and how much will it cost?

Cada año, otorgamos premios a los exalumnos de EPI para apoyar sus proyectos de conservación. Si tu proyecto gana un premio, te daremos fondos para ayudarte a transformarlo en acción. ¡Crea un plan paso a paso para lograr tu proyecto y ponerlo en marcha! Para aplicar, necesitarás contestar preguntas específicas sobre tu proyecto, como: ¿por qué es necesario, cómo estaremos involucrados, cuánto tiempo llevará, qué acciones tomarás, y cuánto costará?

Prizes are awarded for projects that demonstrate the greatest potential to positively affect an important conservation issue. Check out our Hints and Tips for more information. In 2017, we will have a total of up to $850 USD to distribute. You may apply for an individual award of up to $500.The number of projects we fund will depend on the amount of each award.

Los premios son asignados a proyectos que demuestran un alto potencial para impactar positivamente los problemas de conservación. Consulta esta página de Tips y Sugerencias para más información. En el 2017, tendremos hasta $850 dólares para proyectos. Puedes aplicar para un premio individual por hasta $500. El número de proyectos que financiamos dependerá del monto de cada premio.   

To apply, you will need to:

Questions? Email Kate Geranios

Para aplicar, necesitarás:

¿Preguntas? Manda un correo a Kate Geranios

The 2018 application opens June 1, 2018 and closes October 15th. Awards are distributed in mid to late November. .


View the Application | Ver la aplicación

Meet our previous Leadership Award winners!

Meet Elise

Elise won a Leadership Award for initiating a citizen education campaign on the effects of palm oil harvesting in Borneo, which results in loss of habitat for endangered species like the orangutan, sun bear, and hornbill. She witnessed the effects of palm oil plantations on the local habitat during travels to Borneo. She developed an information station at the Oakland Zoo to teach visitors about the issue and to provide alternatives to products using palm oil. 

Meet Yolanda

Yolanda is a founding member of the Toledo District Liberating Recycling Leaders, a youth group that promotes recycling in their community. Yolanda and her group sponsored a project in which local Belizean students compete to write and perform the best song and dance about recycling. The goal of the project was to deliver a powerful message to her community (particularly youth) in a fun and engaging way.

Meet Enrique

Enrique initiated a program to promote proper disposal and recycling of batteries and raise awareness about how batteries can pollute underground water – a precious resource in Baja. Enrique’s project was the first step in the establishment of a permanent recycling program in the region. Through Enrique’s initiative, over 2 tons of batteries were properly removed and recycled and ½ ton of dangerous waste was safely controlled during the first year.