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Welcome to EPI on Maui

The Hawaiian Islands are one of the most biodiverse places in the world. Unique geography, a subtropical location, and isolation from the rest of the planet’s landmasses allowed for the evolution of a place where rainforests thrive just a few miles from the desert, and ancient coral reefs surround lava outcroppings less than a day old. The Hawaiian Islands are a microcosm for the rest of the planet, and the environmental challenges facing much of the globe - biodiversity loss, ocean acidification and pollution, overfishing and overharvesting, irresponsible development, deforestation and habitat loss, misuse of freshwater resources – also impact Hawai‘i.

No one appreciates the fragility of these beautiful islands better than Hawai'i residents, especially the people who have called Hawai'i home for nearly 2500 years. By immersing ourselves in the biology, ecology, and traditional culture of Hawai'i we can learn new ways to think about our relationship with the planet, and start building locally relevant solutions to the environmental challenges affecting our communities.