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Home on the Range

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Home On The Range

Engage with the efforts of Yellowstone National Park, Ecology Project International, and Yellowstone Forever as we seek to involve citizens in exploring this question:

"What are the numerical and behavioral responses of bison, elk, mule deer, bighorn sheep, and pronghorn antelope populations to historically high numbers of bison?"

Is there 'Home on the Range' for all of Yellowstone National Park's ungulate species? This study seeks to find out.

Scope of the study

[Text to be developed]


Summary of study questions

[Text to be developed]


Protocols for data collection

[Text to be developed]


How to explore Yellowstone's Animal Migrations

  • Simple directions for manipulating the app (including limitations of the data)
  • Some guiding questions, differentiated by grade level, to encourage exploration of the app


Get to know more about the study species!

Click on the ungulate below you'd like to learn more about


How to explore movement of Yellowstone bison:

  • Simple directions for manipulating the model/portal (including limitations of the data)
  • Text and static map(s) describing bison movements around the northern range (including stressors that trigger movement, etc.)
  • Some guiding questions to encourage exporation of the app
  • Include links to more specific bison life history information, including identifcation tips/tricks, diet breakdown, and description of their role within the ecosystem

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