Winter Wildlife Ecology

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Winter Wildlife Ecology

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Empowering Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming teens

Spend five days in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem with EPI and be part of ongoing science and conservation efforts happening there.

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Our Winter Wildlife Ecology Program

On five day winter ecology courses with Ecology Project International, teens from Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming gain hands-on experience in field research, wildlife biology, conservation science, and winter exploration in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. School groups consisting of teachers and students searching for an immersive adventure beyond the walls of the classroom are encouraged to enroll and join us in one of the most spectacular learning environments our world has to offer.

During our winter courses, students explore Yellowstone National Park in ways that most visitors can only dream of. Groups have the opportunity to track cougars in the snow, research bison, watch wolves moving across the remarkable Yellowstone landscape, observe grizzly bears emerging from hibernation, travel to geothermal features, work alongside National Park wildlife biologists, prepare research presentations, and snowshoe, ending each day by cooking and staying cozy in a warm lodge. Three Ecology Project International field instructors will lead groups every step of the way. With backgrounds in environmental science, field and formal education, risk management, and scientific research, our instructors are experienced individuals who are just as excited about Yellowstone as their students!  Download the Winter Wildlife Ecology Itinerary to get a sense for what awaits you each day of this five day course.

Yellowstone winter ecology courses are offered January through March.  


Student Stories: Meet Audrey

“Even though I have lived here for about three and a half years, I never realized how amazing the place I live is and how much what I do matters.” As her words suggest, an EPI Yellowstone winter ecology course in Yellowstone National Park was an eye-opening experience for 14-year-old Audrey from Gardiner, Montana. During her five days with EPI, Audrey discovered a love for outdoor exploration, grew closer to her classmates, and even saw a moose! She was empowered by conducting research in the park and by the understanding that her actions made a difference in the work of Yellowstone scientists. Audrey departed from her Yellowstone experience with a sense of purpose and excitement about the conservation efforts happening in her own backyard.   


Student Stories: Meet Larissa

“When we spoke with the bison team biologist I felt inspired. His attitude, the way he spoke and listened, was eye opening. I felt like my view was broadened by interacting first hand with someone so immersed in work for which he is so passionate. I have since spent some time journaling about the experience and am amazed by how I experienced so many perspectives I had never thought about. It blew my mind. A lot of time school can feel like memorizing facts, but on this EPI course I learned how well I learn when I get to apply my understanding and practice skills."

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