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Baja Island Ecology Curriculum

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What You'll Be Doing in Baja

The Sea of Cortez, a World Heritage Site home to 39% of the Earth's marine mammal species, is your classroom on our Baja Island Ecology course. Your EPI instructors will guide you through lessons in desert ecology, marine biology, and conservation from the coast of La Paz to the island of Espiritu Santo.

Help protect a World Heritage Site

What You'll Learn

While you explore your island home, you'll also dive into research and data collection - the shallow waters surrounding the island are full of echinoderms like sea stars and urchins that you'll record and monitor through snorkel surveys. You'll also spend some time swimming with sea lion pups and learning about desert ecology. 

Connect With Fellow Students in Baja

EPI has worked with dozens of schools in La Paz and throughout the Baja Peninsula. During your course, you'll have an opportunity to meet some of these students to exchange your research findings, learn about each others' lives, and understand what conservation means in local Mexican communities. Be prepared to make new friends and gain a better understanding of how diverse and beautiful our world is, through the eyes of your peers in Baja.




Ingrid is an EPI super-scholar. Over the past three years, she participated in courses in Mexico, Yellowstone, and Costa Rica and became deeply familiar with EPI’s programs. She says, “I think the most impressive thing about EPI is their motive, which, from what I’ve seen, is trying to show young people what conservation and ecology are about. Younger people are the next generation, and they hold the world in their hands.” Ingrid's participation in EPI programs gave shape and definition to her dreams, dreams that go beyond personal aspiration and encompass a vision for a more balanced and biodiverse world. “I always knew that I wanted to be a biologist, but I never knew that I... Learn More