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Baja - Marine Science

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Baja - Marine Science

Snorkel in sky-blue waters full of incredible life. Collect data on sea turtles or coral eating starfish. Spend your days and nights on a captivating island surrounded by protected waters and redrocks.

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Baja is Calling
Baja California Sur, Mexico

Marine Science

In the sheltered waters of the Gulf of California, redrock islands rise above coral reefs into the bright blue sky. In an ecosystem home to sea lion colonies, whale pods, sea stars, and schools of tropical fish, there's an incredible amount for you to learn and explore.

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Studying sea stars

Curious sea lion

Snorkeling treasures

The Sea of Cortez is home to more than 900 species of fish, five of the world’s seven endangered species of sea turtle, and, for nine days in the spring of 2013, twelve students from rural Ontario. The Montessori School of Hamilton traveled to Baja California Sur to conduct research and learn the importance of conservation on EPI’s Baja Island Ecology Program.  

Not only did the students snorkel with sea lions and explore delicate desert ecosystems, they saw first-hand the impact that conservation can have on local communities.  “We were humbled,” wrote course chaperones Emily Dowell and Chris Marks, “by how fortunate we were to be an international school taking part in the program and... Learn More