Costa Rica - Felines & Primates

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Costa Rica - Felines & Primates

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Costa Rica - Felines & Primates

Explore the rainforest at Pacuare Reserve, home to howler monkeys, spider monkeys and white-faced capuchins. Track jaguars. Set camera traps. Snorkel Costa Rica's best-preserved coral reef, and learn how to protect these critical ecosystems.

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Track Jaguars at Pacuare Reserve

Pacuare Reserve, the primary field site for EPI's Felines & Primates Program has a remarkable abundance of jaguars and other felines. A recent study showed that the Reserve has a population ten times the national average. It's hypothesized that the Reserve is a key piece of a migratory corridor along the Caribbean coast. You'll monitor existing camera traps, set some of your own, and track felines using traditional methods in order to support the Reserve's management and understanding of these incredible species.

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