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Costa Rica Curriculum

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What You'll Be Doing in Costa Rica

Through your studies in sea turtle biology, tropical ecology, and conservation, you'll leave Costa Rica with tools to bring your knowledge home to your own community. And thanks to EPI's instructors, you'll have more fun learning than you ever thought possible.

Hands-on research

What You'll Learn

In addition to your day-to-day curriculum, your instructors will lead you through research protocols that will put you next to leatherback sea turtles, collecting biometric data (size, number of eggs laid, etc.). Scientists will then use your data to help improve leatherback conservation efforts around the world and increase our understanding of these mysterious and vulnerable creatures.

Connect with Your Costa Rican Peers

Seeing an ecosystem through the eyes of the people who live there is an invaluable experience. More than half of our Costa Rica program participants are Costa Rican, and they will shape your experience. You’ll meet, share perspectives and ideas, learn how leatherback sea turtles fit into Costa Rican culture, and discover how and why these turtles are valued – historic, current, and future trends. Your new friends are excited to meet you!

Our Educational Approach

Our Educational Approach

Our Educational Approach

Ingrid is an EPI super-scholar. Over the past three years, she participated in courses in Mexico, Yellowstone, and Costa Rica and became deeply familiar with EPI’s programs. She says, “I think the most impressive thing about EPI is their motive, which, from what I’ve seen, is trying to show young people what conservation and ecology are about. Younger people are the next generation, and they hold the world in their hands.” Ingrid's participation in EPI programs gave shape and definition to her dreams, dreams that go beyond personal aspiration and encompass a vision for a more balanced and biodiverse world. “I always knew that I wanted to be a biologist, but I never knew that I... Learn More