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Adriana Hernández Mancera

Mexico Program Instructor

Adriana Hernández Mancera hails from the State of Mexico and has had a keen interest in nature, arts, and animals since she was a young child. She would frequently exercise her creativity by crafting new objects from reusable materials and letting her imagination run wild.

After finishing high school in La Paz, she became a member of the Californios Verdes in 2013, following her involvement in an Island Ecology field trip. During this experience, she had the opportunity to witness firsthand the value of the environment and the many species threatened by human actions.

Adriana has been an active participant in the ecoclub and is presently serving as an intern on the EPI team and a mentor for Californio Verdes. She is keenly aware of her role as an agent of change within her community and sees it as her responsibility to encourage more young individuals to discover their passions and exchange knowledge.

When she is not engaged in EPI-related activities, Adriana can be found taking leisurely walks around La Paz, soaking up the sun and sea at the beach, exploring the historic villages of Baja California Sur, savoring a cup of coffee, participating in volunteer work, or learning to skate in any available park.

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