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Aislinn Olthoff

Hawaii Program Coordinator

Aislinn Olthoff is an experienced educator who has been working as a marine program educator on Maui for several years. She joined Ecology Project International as a field instructor for the Hawaii Island Ecology Program in 2022 and is excited to return as a Program Coordinator in 2023.

Aislinn is dedicated to working with local partners to restore and preserve the unique natural heritage of the islands. She brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to her work and is eager to continue learning about the unique ecosystems of Hawaii and the ways in which they are intertwined with the cultural history of the islands.

Aislinn will be responsible for engaging students in hands-on, experiential learning activities that promote understanding and appreciation for the natural world. She will work closely with students to help them gain a deeper understanding of the challenges facing the Hawaiian Islands and the steps we can take to protect and preserve this unique and important ecosystem.

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