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Dylana Nicholas

Costa Rica Instructor

Dylana Nicholas is an experienced instructor for Ecology Project International's Costa Rica Program. With roots in Belize and having lived in all six districts of the country, she brings a unique perspective to her teaching and a deep understanding of the diverse cultures and beliefs of the region.

With Associate and Bachelor Degrees in Marine Biology, certifications in diving, CPR and first aid, and practical experience gained through internships at environmental agencies, Dylana is well-equipped to educate and inspire students in the field of ecology and conservation. She believes that hands-on, experiential learning is an effective way for young minds to truly grasp the beauty and importance of the natural world.

In her free time, Dylana enjoys reading, swimming, photography, and capturing the beauty of the environment through her lens. She also has a passion for music and musicals, as well as baking, and loves to relax and take in the scenery of nature.

Dylana is excited to join Ecology Project International and is eager to share her knowledge and passion with the next generation.

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