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Elizabeth Renegar

Hawaii Program Instructor

Elizabeth Renegar is an EPI Hawaii Instructor with a diverse background and a passion for teaching. Originally from North Carolina, Elizabeth currently resides in Maui, Hawaii. Her experience includes direct care for individuals with disabilities, seasonal work, and snorkeling tours. Elizabeth began her teaching career as a camp instructor at Talisman, a summer camp for adolescents with behavioral disabilities, and has since worked at a ski resort in Colorado and Easterseals, a nonprofit that serves adults with disabilities. Recently, Elizabeth has been working on boats that specialize in snorkeling tours and whale watches, with an emphasis on education. Elizabeth's love for teaching extends beyond the classroom, including dance and training. In her free time, Elizabeth enjoys dancing, hiking, swimming, and taking her friends' dogs to the beach. She is excited to continue her passion for education and outdoor leadership as an EPI Hawaii Instructor.

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